A new crypto currency called c0ban for entertainment and advertisements succeeded to fundraise USD four million on crowdsale

c0ban is the world’s first crypto currency tied up with entertainment and advertisement services. Main concept of c0ban business is combination of fintech and advertisements.

Corporate and shops can post their PR videos on c0ban services or app. Once the PR video is viewed by a consumer, small amount of crypto currency, c0ban, will be given to the consumer. It means that the consumer can earn c0ban by just viewing PR videos. As a result, consumer and corporate (shop) will be engaged tightly. Consumer will have a chance to exchange c0ban they earned to their local currency.

LastRoots Co.,Ltd. (Noritaka Kobayashi, Ph.D, Founder & CEO, Tokyo, Japan)announces the release of world’s first system utilizing the crypto currency c0ban. It is the world’s first application tied up with PR videos and block chain technology. In particular, LastRoots successfully developed the following three systems with single-sign-on service yet with high security.

1 Video advertising platform and smart phone application driven by crypto
currency c0ban (c0ban app on Google Play)
2 c0ban web wallet ( (only in Japanese)
3 Crypto currency exchange market which mainly handles c0ban ( (only in Japanese)

White paper on c0ban is available at On c0ban services, target industry of PR videos is food delivery EC, retail shop, restaurant, goods etc. Users will see their PR videos and earn c0ban, then utilize c0ban to purchase products/services from advertisers. They will receive valuable information through c0ban app as well as earn small amount of crypto currency.

Its crowdsale was operated from July 2016 to April 2017. More than two thousand supporters took part in it. USD four million were gathered as a result which is 8th rank on crypto currency crowdsale ranking in the world. We believe that it is because lots of potential users see its opportunity.

Blockchain and crypto currencies have been recently attracting attention
as a next revolution following that of internet. Until now, much attention has been paid
to the exchange of crypto currency with legal currency due to the absence of killer
solution which utilizes such innovative technology. Consequently, the users of crypto currencies, even with world’s top level market value, remained very limited.
Besides, it is not easy to understand the concept of private key and thus the
threshold of crypto currency is too high for general consumers. While the blockchain itself ensure sufficient security, it is hard to say that such security level remain fully ensured as the private key or transactions are managed by users themselves.
c0ban system developed by LastRoots will solve these existing issues at once.

The c0ban services was launched in Japan market in March 2017. It will expand to the US and Asian markets.